Thursday, February 23, 2012

Identity Theft

The threat of identity theft continues to grow, especially from internet and computer use. If you are an Allied Identity Theft Insurance policyholder, please take time to read below about what Allied is offering their customers to help protect them from this threat.


There are 2 new enhancements (DataScrambler and PhishBlocking) that are now being offered for our ID Theft policyholders. These enhancements are software that can be downloaded onto personal computers and designed to protect against key logging and phising attacks. These enhancements are FREE of charge.

What are "Key Logging" and "Phising" Attacks?
Key Logging- A type of surveillance software that records every keystroke you make including instant messages, email and any information you type at any time using your keyboard and then transmits this information to an unknown third party, who can use this information to have access to your confidential information.
Phising Attacks- A type of online identity theft that involves the use of email and fraudulent websites to steal your personal data or information such as credit card numbers, passwords, account data or other sensitive information.

Allied’s Identity Theft Endorsement

Follow the steps below for signing up for the free online data protection that protects members’ sensitive datawhile surfing the internet and credit monitoring which keeps a constant eye on your credit report. You will receivea free credit report when you enroll as well.

1) Go to
: www.alliedinsurance.com2) Under the ‘Property’ tab, click on id theft
3) In the blue section on the right, click on ‘Sign up for online data protection and credit monitoring’.
4) In the last paragraph, click the “Sign up” link to enroll for credit monitoring and Online Data Protection Suite.
5) Enter the information listed below. Please note a policy number is required.

Stay One Step Ahead of IDENTITY FRAUD

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