Monday, February 13, 2012

Tips to help keep your home warm and lower your heating bills

Since we are getting a spout of bad weather here at the Lake, we thought we'd share with you some tips on how to keep your home warm without loading on the extra dollars to your electric bill.

1.) Use door snakes to cover the bottom of your doors.  You can use a rolled up bath towel in place of the snake.  This helps keep cold air from coming under our doors into our home.

2.) Change your furnace filters.  It is recommended that during the cold months when our furnace is working overtime that we change our filters once a month. Dirty filters can restrict the air flow and increase the energy demand.

3.) Run your ceiling fan on reverse.  Running the fan in reverse makes the warmer air come back down to our level and can cut our heating costs by 10%.

4.) Install storm doors or storm windows.  It can help block wind and cold air and reduce our energy bill by 45%!

5.)  Give your heating system an annual tune up -- just like your car!  A lot of companies will give a free annual checkup, so price around.  A free checkup might possible save you 5% on your energy bill.

6.)  Remember to turn your heat down when you leave your home.  This can save you a lot of money.  No need to heat the home so much if nobody is home!

7.) Window insulation kits can help block a lot of cold air and wind for a very small price.  You can get these at any of your home improvement stores or even WalMart.

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